Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri, Bacopa

Bacopa is a type of herb that contains nootropic compounds. It has been used traditionally for longevity and cognitive enhancement. Bacopa supplementation seems to reduce anxiety and improve memory formation.

  • Origin: Plant Based
  • Source: Itself
  • Type: Herbs, Roots & Barks
  • Age Range: Adults, Seniors
  • Toxicity: There is no evidence of toxicity until now
  • Outcomes: Cognitive Function and Brain Health, Memory Enhancer

What are Bacopa benefits?

Bacopa monnieri , commonly known as water hyssop, is an herb frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is used to improve cognitive function, relieve stress, and increasing overall vitality. Ingesting Bacopa monnieri on an empty stomach can cause nausea, cramps, abdominal distension, and diarrhea. Because it may have anxiolytic effects, a calmer person may feel a lack of motivation to work after supplementation and it may not be safe to take it along with other anxiolytics. Studies prove an improvement in memory through the use of Bacopa, as well as decreasing anxiety and depression. Take the test on our homepage and find out the indications according to your needs.

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Cognitive Function and Brain Health Bacopa and Cognitive Function and Brain Health

Cognitive functions are brain skills divided into: memory, perception, language, executive functions, attention and praxis (ability to perform complex movements). These functions depend on healthy synapses and neurons, which require good overall brain functioning. Supplements can affect cognitive performance directly or indirectly. Direct effects can alter or participate in neurotransmissions and influence the brain's energy metabolism. The indirect effects include hormonal changes that affect the brain, and improvements in cognitive disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Memory Enhancer

    Memory lapses are common, after all, who has never forgotten a name or address? In an age of information bombardment, our brain filters what is or is not important to be stored. With these filters, we have the long and short-term memory, in which our brain divides what will be used frequently and what will not be recurrent, like a computer HD. The first happens to many people and is about forgetting common information such as telephone numbers, while the second reflects the loss of memory of moments in life or names of children. However, for these lapses not to become frequent it is important that there is a preventive care with the memory, thus it is possible to avoid greater damage to the cognitive health of this area.

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