How do you choose your supplements? Let us add science to that.

We cross multiple sources of data with your personal information and offer a safe and optimized experience. Try for free in just 3 steps.

Find the right supplements for you
Be protected from negative drug interactions

How it works

Can you identify what your body needs?

You know what you want to improve but you don’t know how, you are faced with many options and you don’t know what to choose? Our platform shows you exactly what can help you in the areas you choose!

How do you choose your supplements?

Even though you know what you should consume, you are left in doubt about which options to choose, but we guide you to the best product according to your choice between price, quality and more!

Start by talking a little about yourself

Answer a few simple questions about your health and habits;
Our site has data protection by GDPR and we ensure confidentiality, so please answer truthfully for a better indication.

What do we do with the information?

Populate the algorithm;
Exclude supplements that interacts with the medicines you take;
Adjust the efficiency of each supplement.

Which health areas to choose?

Here you choose how many and which areas of health you want to take care of. Choose from the need you have in each of them and get unique results for your need!

What is the intensity of each supplement?

Decide on the intensity of intervention you will have in each specialty in our sankey, so you optimize the supplements according to your need.

Deep personalization?

Yes, in this step you customize even more through questions about your habits! This keeps only what is necessary according to your body.

Why my eating habits?

Your eating habits reflect the level of certain vitamins, minerals, and others in your body. This helps keep the process safe and optimal.

How are the products chosen?

All products are chosen from a curator who filters based on the quality, efficacy, and yield of the capsules. All this to deliver the best.

You can buy

You select and buy as many and as few products as you want, you are free to choose!

It’s all about science

Here you will find dietary supplements with science-based results, but all of this translated into accessible language!


+ 60.000 scientific studies collected.


Studies categorized by health goals.


Studies summarized and graded.

67 health goals addressed

106 dietary supplements tracked

The Science Behind Us


We value your trust

and also your originality in each product, and each review.

Victor Llopis

Energy and Mood

“My work routine is extensive! Because of this I have always had problems with sleep and energy, but Health Protection helps me with this!”

Olga Vidal

Energy and Mood Immunity

“My profession demands a lot, plus raising children requires a lot of energy and this affects my diet and immunity! I thank HP for supplying what was missing in my organism…”

Nacho Sánchez

Bone and Joint Health Men's Health Specific Conditions

“I have always known the power of good nutrition, the use of dietary supplements keeps me active at work and at home during playtime with my niece!”