The demand for supplements that improve physical and mental performance, act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and replenish nutrients has increased in much of the world.

Therefore, studies are also evolving and today they comprehend more broadly the action of each compound in the body.

From this evolutionary process, it was possible to observe that the countless substances present in our food, which act for the proper functioning of the organs and fight against diseases, are found more efficiently in nutraceuticals.

Thus, thinking about alternative and natural ways of prevention and health care, we, at Health Protection, have carried out numerous researches and set up a complex data structure that contemplates various profiles of habits, nutraceuticals, and supplements. With that, we developed not only a packed information website but also a platform that you can personally set with your preferences and see how it works especially for your needs.

This site aims to take care of your health in a continuous work, updating the site through health advances and simplifying all information for you!

Our Locations


As a capital known for its architecture and art, Barcelona is also a growing economy.

It has proximity to other countries and is known as an emerging European technology center and hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, being the most active startup center in Spain. 

Barcelona has the second-highest number of professional developers among all European cities, with 72,500 in total. The city has an outstanding pharmaceutical area, besides being a world reference in the quality of healthcare products, it is also the fifth-largest European startup center in the EU, Barcelona shows promise in hosting one of our headquarters.


With an entrepreneurial culture, Tel Aviv carries the title of Startup Nation.

With more than 3,000 startups nationwide, Israel boasts one of the most efficient entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world.

Always in the top 7 in rankings on “best cities in the world to start a startup”, this country has an economic heart that encourages and values business.

Because of its rapid growth and focus on technology, Tel Aviv has a wide ramification of cultures in one place, facilitating relationships between companies and further boosting the market.


As the second-best city in Latin America for entrepreneurship, São Paulo does not disappoint in Infrastructure, Technology, Import and Export, Finance, and Bootstrapping.

Brazil has gained prominence in the last 5 years for its developed logistics, which favors new startups. This has also occurred due to the fall in bureaucracy and support programs for companies.

São Paulo is the state that concentrates 28% of the startups in Brazil, a number that values the connections between local companies and international trade.

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