The demand for supplements that improve physical and mental performance, act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and replenish nutrients has increased in much of the world. Therefore, studies are also evolving and today they comprehend more broadly the action of each compound in the body.

From this evolutionary process, it was possible to observe that the countless substances present in our food, which act for the proper functioning of the organs and fight against diseases, are found more efficiently in nutraceuticals.

Thus, thinking about alternative and natural ways of prevention and health care, we, at Health Protection, have carried out numerous researches and set up a complex data structure that contemplates various profiles of habits, nutraceuticals and supplements.

With that, we created a website that aims to deliver quality content, with information based on scientific articles. In it, it is possible to understand how nutraceuticals work, their origin, side effects, benefits, forms of use and much more.

How it Works

In addition, we also created a platform for consulting and prescribing nutraceuticals. There are just 3 steps:

you answer some questions about your health and habits;
according to the declared characteristics and specificities, you will receive the indication of certain nutraceuticals;
then, if you want to purchase it, just select it and complete the purchase.