The science behind us

All of the recommendations and information found on our website come from a database established on scientific studies and information provided by solid non-profit platforms. is known for their large group of researchers and health professionals that are always updating all the information by validating and comparing multiple studies to create safe data and overall material about all kinds of supplements and compounds. Their job is to deliver easy and precise learning to the readers and also more specific and technical data about physiological processes. has as its greatest source, which is an american solid search engine that compiles medical and scientific articles from all over the world. Pubmed is backed by the United States’ National Library of Medicine (NLM). is a different kind of platform, they specialize in pharmacology data, which means they gather all the substances and compounds found in the market (as medicine and supplements) and provide the readers all information about metabolization and drug interactions.

Those researches are our most valuable filters for offering personalized results and recommendations for our clients. Taking in consideration all the safety references about drug and health interactions. Their health necessities will be attended to according to their answers to our 3 step questionnaire. In every product we provide, there is always more scientific information. For more details, you can visit our How it works page.

We encourage you to visit both websites as well to be sure they are pure science-based. By gathering periodically all the updated data available on such reliable sources, we are confident on how serious, responsible, and concerned we are about providing to you precise recommendations that can really benefit your health.

Our database is based on this Sankey Graphic, which shows the three most important cornerstones of Health Protection’s platform. Without any filters, the first column demonstrates all of the health areas we are able to attend, the second column shows all the specific health issues that fit into the first category. All of the products we have are found in the third column, which is connected to their specific outcomes.

As you can see below, the Sankey seems endless and overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify the choices of supplements, so our questions work as filters to make health safe, fast, net and narrow it down to objective indications.