Check how artificial intelligence can help you track all you eat

You can help us make it possible

You can be part of this innovation! Through food identification, our technology allows data to be collected and organized within the application’s memory. This results in a highly educable AI, making it increasingly complete with global data.

When you use this tool, you are collaborating with a major step in health and technology! Be a part of it!

Accurate food identification

Through the gallery or snapshot, you capture which photo contains the food you want to identify.

Global Food Database

In our global database, you can identify different foods around the world.

Constantly improving algorithm

ClariFai pushes machine learning farther by expanding upon our ecosystem of AI tools and technologies. We are introducing entirely new model types, as well as augmentations and improvements to some of our most important workflows.

How can AI help me?

All of the recommendations and information found on our website come from a database established on scientific studies and information provided by solid non-profit platforms.

Those researches are our most valuable filters for offering personalized results and recommendations for our clients. Taking in consideration all the safety references about drug and health interactions. Their health necessities will be attended to according to their answers to our 3 step questionnaire. In every product we provide, there is always more scientific information. For more details, you can visit our How it works page.

Your nutritional needs, From your genes

Your customization at a high level, through your DNA test you achieve exactly what you need.

What is DNA Integration?

HealthProtection as a supplement personalization platform, has 3 steps that exclude possible negative interactions and presents the right supplements for the chosen health goals from scientific basis in conjunction with proprietary algorithm.

The integration with DNA testing takes you to an even higher level of personalization, as it shows, through your genes, what your body’s predispositions or deficiencies are, guiding you to a clear path in nutraceutical personalization.

How DNA Integration works?

Our DNA is made up of a huge sequence of nitrogenous bases that make up our genes, being: Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G) and Thymine (T). The way this sequence of nitrogenous bases is organized determines which gene will be expressed. **For example: “AATTCCGG..” could determine the expression of an “x” gene.

The sequence of all these genes that we have in the body is called DNA.

The DNA sequencing test provided by various companies/laboratories results in a raw data that shows you your entire sequence of nitrogenous bases. This document needs to be translated for understanding. The service offered by several companies, and what we intend to do, is to translate what this sequence of nitrogenous bases means.

For example: the sequence “AATTTCGG…” indicates that you have a mutation in the gene that encodes the protein responsible for transporting “X”, decreasing the absorption of this “X”, so you have a predisposition to have “X” deficiency. What we intend to do is to already give you the information about this genetic alteration and suggest “X” supplementation.

The potential benefits of a DNA-based supplements


Several studies have shown that genetics has a relationship with our eating habits. For example, a 2014 randomized controlled trial showed that participants who possessed the risk variant of the ACE gene (a gene that directs the body’s blood pressure levels) were able to significantly reduce their sodium intake compared to the control group; they also maintained their lower sodium intake a year later.


When you don’t use the correct fuel, there are great chances that the car’s engine will not run properly.

Each person has his or her ideal mixture, and identifying this through DNA can reveal the answer to many problems in the body. Don’t try to use someone else’s fuel, only yours will bring you effective results.

Blood test integration with your supplements

Integration with your blood test for optimal customization.

What is Blood Test Integration?

Blood test integration is the analysis we do of a person’s blood test results to direct them to nutraceuticals that may meet their needs. This integration is an individualized, affordable way to help improve your health.

How it works?

From the integration with your blood test, our algorithm uses proprietary algorithm to check for parameters that are outside the reference values. From this, it indicates the best nutraceutical to support your health.

After integration with your test, you must continue answering the remaining questions to reach the indicated supplements.

Input your blood test in step 1

Keep answering our 3 steps

That´s it, your customization is optimized

Should I import a specific blood test?

It is important that your test is recent, because the levels shown in the tests can vary with time and habits, and for this, imputing the blood test done in the last 6-8 months can optimize the results.

Another feature is the amount of testing done on the test, your doctor may have ordered the blood test just to check for certain vitamins or minerals. The more complete this test is, the better.

What if I don´t have a blood test?

If you don’t have a blood test, don’t worry! You can continue with your customization as usual, because through our proprietary algorithm added to the scientific base, we have filtering to show the supplements without negative interaction and according to your needs.