On our home screen, you can start the 3 steps by answering the questions and following the directions shown. If in doubt, you can click the “?” icon for more details OR see our starter guide to understand in a deeper way.

These 3 steps will guide you to the nutraceuticals that address the health areas you have chosen, and you can see each scientific study that supports them and what other areas they are active in.

In the first step you fill out questions about yourself, such as age, gender, diets, allergies, and medication or nutraceutical consumption. This step will eliminate any negative interactions that may exist.

During Step 2 you select which areas you want to take care of and in which intensity. This step will show you the nutraceuticals that meet those goals and the studies that support them.

Step 3 asks about your eating habits to see if you already consume certain substances in your routine. Soon after, you will see the nutraceuticals and can buy one or more of them.”