According to UNICEF, the first 1000 days of a child’s life after birth represent a unique and decisive developmental opportunity. During this window of time, brain cells make up to a thousand new neuronal connections per second.

However, recent research indicates that the 3 months prior to conception require increased nutritional attention, extending the window of time from 1000 to 1100 days.

Parents exercise a fundamental nutritional responsibility for the child, especially the mother during pregnancy, as a nutrient bank. With this in mind, some doubts may arise:

– Is the consumption of supplements/nutraceuticals during pregnancy allowed?

Because it is a unique period, the body ends up absorbing more vitamins and minerals during these months, which makes many mothers seek nutraceuticals to replace such substances.

However, this indication must come from medical orientation, because your body and the baby’s body are unique and each pregnancy has its own particularities. The ingestion of any substance in these months should come from health professionals who have accompanied the entire gestation.

From your Step 1 answer about your pregnancy, we interrupt the process. We do this for your safety and that of your child. We are developing verticals that can serve you during all phases, but in addition, we invest in our database and artificial intelligence to deliver the most accurate nutraceuticals.