With your health and wellness goals in mind, we at HealthProtection have conducted thorough research to choose the best nutraceutical suppliers available on Amazon.

Our metrics delineate trusted brands that have a minimum time on the market; approved by reference bodies across Europe; products with quality verified by customers and nutritional verification of the amounts of each nutraceutical within the compound offered.

After the 3 steps, each product you see has gone through a unique curation, check out the timeline of this process:

Filter 1

Nutraceutical availability by brands

After choosing nutraceuticals, we checked the availability by brands. This guides us to the best products according to the methods used in the different types of production.

Filter 2

Scoring scheme by brand

Our brand curation starts with the scoring scheme. Each point is earned based on the performance of the brands in the following categories:

Filter 3


The quality of the brand is given by factors such as: manufacturing, encapsulation, packaging, value delivery, and behavior on Amazon’s platform. This behavior on Amazon’s platform shows us data about product inventory and user experience in obtaining that nutraceutical.

Filter 4

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important in our curation, after all, no one knows better what you want and need than you do yourself.
The users’ opinion shows the effectiveness of the product, user experience, and can indicate particular factors in each brand, such as: answers to doubt, problems with delivery, and others.

Filter 5

GMP approval

After checking each brand’s profile, we analyze whether it meets our approval criteria.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a certification of good practices in the manufacturing process. This approval shows, in practice, the brand’s good method during the production of the products.

Filter 6

National approval

For your safety, we also check the nutraceutical and brand status in the countries where we supply our 3-step filtration. This ensures an optimal presentation and approved by national law.

Filter 7

Best prices

Not least, we look for products that meet your needs and are within reach for everyone.
We believe that science should be read everywhere by everyone who wants to, and the same goes for nutraceuticals. We seek to make access possible and safe for everyone who wants it!