EGCG, Green Tea Catechins

Formally known as epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG is a type of plant-based compound called catechin. Catechins may be further categorized into a larger group of plant compounds known as polyphenols. EGCG and other related catechins act as potent antioxidants that may protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals. Additionally, research suggests that catechins like EGCG may reduce inflammation and prevent certain chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.


  • Origin Plant Based
  • Source Green Tea
  • Type Polyphenols

Weight Management

Total body weight takes into account all body elements, such as organs, muscles, bones, fluids, fat, etc. The weight loss process depends on a negative energy balance (spending more calories than the ones consumed), but there are substances that can help the body to increase this deficit. Among them, there are thermogenics, fibers, appetite suppressants, fat absorption blockers and some others.
  • Fat Loss

    Fat loss is a different process then losing body weight, because when you lose weight, it does not necessarily mean that there is fat loss. For fat loss to happen, caloric deficit and practice of exercises are necessary. There are certain supplements that assist the metabolism of energy and nutrients, which cause the body to control appetite, increase its metabolic rate and reduce the absorption of macronutrients during digestion.
  • Age Range Adults (20-59)
  • Toxicity Toxic in high doses
  • Side effects Nausea, Gastrointestinal Disturbs, Renal Damage, Liver Damage
  • Warnings Pregnancy, Cardiovascular Medicaiton, Anti-depressant Medication

Why be Careful