Muscle Health

Muscle Health

The muscles are responsible for body movement, stabilization, regulation of organs, substance transportation and production of heat in addition to being strongly associated with the circulatory and nervous systems. Muscle quality is essential for well being. Supplements that help keep muscles healthy are related to different factors, such as glucose and insulin regulation, protein synthesis, energy metabolism, and others.

Muscle Health and their sub-outcomes

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  • Muscle Health and Fatigue Prevention

    Fatigue is characterized by a reduction in physical energy. It can also appear as acute and/or chronic fatigue. Acute fatigue is due to excessive activities, such as physical exercise. Chronic fatigue is multifactorial, influenced by metabolic disorders, nutrient deficiency, physical inactivity, causing tiredness and constant lack of motivation.The substances that help with that are neuroprotective, affecting metabolism, hormones and motor function.

  • Muscle Health and Muscle Gain

    Muscle gain, also called hypertrophy, occurs when muscle cells receive a kind of stimulation that generates microlesions. For the healing of these lesions there is an increase in protein synthesis, which gives the muscle a larger volume. This occurs with the aid of a positive calorie balance (more calories consumed than spent). Supplements that increase muscle mass promote resistance and affect the rate of synthesis and breakdown of muscle proteins directly or indirectly.

  • Muscle Health and Muscle Recovery

    When you exercise, you generate stress on your muscles and that damages the muscle fibers, causing them to break apart. During recovery the muscles need fuel to heal stronger than they were before, which will make them stronger.

  • Muscle Health and Muscular Endurance

    It is about the capacity of a muscle to repeatedly exercise during a set of movements. Compounds that improve power output are the ones which also have antifatigue effects.

  • Muscle Health and Power Output

    Power output is the strength the body can develop in the shortest amount of time. It have to do with muscle fibers, creatine stores and ATP.