Longevity & Anti-Aging

Longevity & Anti-Aging

To live longer is necessary to live well, meaning that overall well-being, healthy organs, a healthy brain and good habits are taken into consideration when it comes to longevity. All of those circumstances require a healthy lifestyle, which works directly in the prevention of illnesses or conditions that might negatively influence your health. There are a lot nutraceutics and supplements that can help the body to stay safe and sound, just as it should be.

Longevity & Anti-Aging and their sub-outcomes

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  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant

    Oxidation reactions occur naturally in all cells of the body, which produce free radicals. These radicals can initiate chain reactions that can damage cells or cause them to die. Antioxidant substances eliminate free radicals and inhibit other oxidation reactions, thus protecting and prolonging cellular functions and protectiong them against tumors.

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Fatigue Prevention

    Fatigue is characterized by a reduction in mental energy. It can also appear as acute and/or chronic fatigue. Acute fatigue is due to excessive mentally demanding work. Chronic fatigue is multifactorial, influenced by insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, causing tiredness and constant lack of motivation. The substances indicated for fatigue help to improve sleep and mood problems as they are neuroprotective, affecting neurological function.

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Hormone Function

    Hormone regulation is carried out through a mechanism called feedback, whereby the level of a hormone in the blood determines the stimulation or inhibition of the activity of a certain gland. This system needs to be very precise in order to the body function perfectly, otherwise it can cause ilnesses, such as hyperthyroidism. It is very common to have instabilities on the feedback, but a good diet and some supplements can help it get back on track.

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Hydration

    Water is the fundamental component of all cells in the body. It helps regulate body temperature and organ function, eliminates toxins, helps lubricate mucous membranes and, as a solvent, acts as a vehicle for transporting nutrients. It is very important to keep the body hydrated, and some nutraceutics can help.

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Nutrient Issues

    The metabolism of nutrients is highly linked to the body's energy metabolism, which is the set of chemical reactions that produce the energy necessary for the performance of vital functions. All the vitamins and minerals are essencial for the whole functioning of all systems of the body.

  • Longevity & Anti-Aging and Overall Well-Being

    Well-being is related to one's ability to achieve needs and be satisfied with life. It is considered that, for an individual to be healthy, must live the most complete state of physical, mental and social well-being.