The immune system is made up of cells, tissues and organs that act in the organism’s defense against the harmful effects of external microorganisms. The supplements indicated for immunity act as strengthening agents of this system, increasing the antibodies production and, consequently, its defense activity.

Immunity and their sub-outcomes

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  • Immunity and Immune Response

    The immune response is measured by how fast and how effective the immune system can neutralize any kind of sickness, being viruses, bacteria or other pathogens.

  • Immunity and Nutrient Issues

    The absorption and different uses for each nutrient is highly linked to the body's immune system, which is the set of chemical reactions that protect us from any ''intruder'' and susteins our vital functions. All the vitamins and minerals are essencial for the whole functioning of this system.

  • Immunity and Preventive Immunity

    White blood cells - or leukocytes - are the body's defense cells that destroy foreign agents, for example, bacteria, viruses and toxic substances that attack our body and cause infections or other diseases. There are also enzymes that refer to the antioxidant defense system that plays the role of inhibiting and/or reducing the damage caused by the harmful action of free radicals or non-radical reactive species.