Cognitive Function and Brain Health


Cognition refers to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. Cognitive actions include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. These are higher-level functions of the brain and include language, imagination, perception, and planning.

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Scientific articles
The rate of cognitive decline of degenerative or vascular origin appears to be significantly reduced, starting with Alpha-GPC supplementation.
Supplementation of blueberry extract does appear effective in elderly persons with general cognitive decline, ready to improve cognition and memory.
The rate of memory decline observed in older people during the aging process appears to be attenuated by the consumption of CDP-Choline supplementation.
Appears to be reliable in increasing cognition in vegetarians, but is predicated on limited evidence and not yet compared to a reference drug.
One small study found a decrease during a non-standard measure of symptoms of schizophrenia in people with folate deficiency when using methylfolate.
For usage of EGb-761 at 240-360mg daily as a therapeutic option in people that already are experiencing cognitive decline, then it appears to be reliably effective and like 10mg Donepezil.
An increase in cognition is seen acutely and thought to flow from to anti-fatigue effects, with nonfatigued individuals not experiencing a rise in cognitive performance.