Cholesterol & Triglycerides
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Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Triglycerides and cholesterol are both types of fat present in blood. They play very important roles in the body, such as hormone metabolism and nutrient circulation. In order for them to function properly, they need to be at optimum levels – not too high neither too low. The primary way to keep those good levels is to have a healthy diet, with lots of fiber and balanced fats. But there are some nutraceutics that have been proven to help in this process in a very effective way.

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A small reduction has been found overall. there's a greater effect of doses 2 g or quite lower doses, and healthy participants seem to profit quite those with diabetes or on hemodialysis, while those that are overweight but not obese saw the best reduction.
Garlic supplementation or the raw garlic bulb appears to scale back cholesterol (total cholesterol, mostly thanks to LDL reductions) reliably and within the range of 10-15%.
Is somewhat simpler than placebo in reducing symptoms of hysteria, specifically state and trait anxiety.